Light Water

An exhibition of works that explore impressions of light within New Zealand’s Hauraki Gulf – a space of industrial, maritime, recreational and natural human endeavour.
From the transformations of clouds and sky, altered sea-states and the reflectivity of a liquid surface, the subsurface flickering of life and the particular lights of classification, the works identify the subtle arrays of natural and man-made illumination on the marine world.

Light Water was shown at Northart from 20 February – 7th March 2107


Surface explores the shallow and fragile veneer through its relationship to the larger vessel, volume, body or geography by applying the traditional craft and materiality of marquetry to the iconography of the nautical – flags, markers, symbols and charts and the topographical – contour, pattern and texture.

This debut solo exhibition at the Waiheke Community Art Galley opened on the 25 March 2016 for 6 weeks. From this 3 new works were commissioned for three private collections.